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Maldives government has gone rogue, snorted a fat dose of Taliban Crazy, taking down pro-freedom Facebook pages, conducting violent mass arrests of pro-freedom demonstrators and its brutal police force has even put a TV reporter into hospital critical care.

Anonymous is providing help to the population by spreading news, which is otherwise being under reported in mainstream media, and developing guides to help citizens using the Internet stay as safe as possible from state snooping.


The authoritarian regime that ruled Maldives, a beautiful island nation with 320,000 people for 30 years, has wrestled its way back into power -- but not without major resistance from the people.

Maldives had its first democratic elections in 2008, but a military backed coup forced President Nasheed from office in Feb. 2012. Since then, he has been arrested, sought refuge with the Indian government, been arrested again. Hundreds of people turn out for daily protests and they are summarily beaten, arrested and harassed. What are the Maldives people fighting for? Freedom of speech, end to police brutality, no Sharia, and a free and safe election this September. The Maldives police and military have been trained by UK law enforcement and US FBI to put down protests. My, this looks familiar!

So far, other governments have expressed only "concern" and "puzzlement" over the situation in Maldives. Some of us have been following the situation since the coup last year and have found the Maldives activists to be open, hopeful and full of lulz. They are eager for some help getting the world to pay attention and apply pressure on this very corrupt regime that will take the country backwards 100 years.

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