Zoox Level 4 autonomous, bi-directional electric vehicle

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The Boz is not a car, and you won’t be able to buy it. According to new start-up Zoox, the Boz is the transportation paradigm that comes after the car. It’s but a fanciful idea from an unknown start-up for now, but the company believes it can finish its thought by 2021.

No matter what Zoox’s wildest dreams are, cars aren’t going to start driving themselves overnight. Industry executives and researchers seem to agree that autonomous driving will come in several waves. At last month’s Connected Car Expo, Continental North America NAFTA-region president Jeff Klei forecasted that we’ll see semi-autonomous cars by 2016, highly autonomous cars by 2020 and fully autonomous cars by 2025.

Other companies and experts have their own ideas about the specific timeframe and on what type of vehicle will define each step. To help head off any confusion, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has fleshed out a general framework. In a policy statement issued in May, it defined a five-level scale beginning at no automation, full driver control (Level 0), moving up to single-focus automation (Level 1), up through multi-function system automation (Level 2), and onward to limited self-driving that still requires some alertness and intervention by the human driver (Level 3).

Learn more here http://www.zoox.co/design.html

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“Zoox Level 4 autonomous, bi-directional electric vehicle”