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World Solar Challenge 2015 begins in Darwin, Australia

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46 solar cars from 25 different countries begin their 1,864 mile journey from Darwin to Adelaide in the 2015 World Solar Challenge.

“One of the world’s most prestigious solar car races held across the Australian desert began with participants departing the northern city of Darwin on Sunday, local media reported.

The 2015 World Solar Challenge involving 46 cars from 25 countries is a 3-thousand kilometre (1,864 mile) race across central Australia from Darwin to Adelaide.” said telegraph.co.uk

“Hundreds of people lined the streets outside the Northern Territory’s parliament house to watch the start of the race which was led by the Netherlands Team’s Eindhoven car, Stella Lux, local media reported.

The defending champion Team Nuon’s car from the Netherlands did not start the race from pole position, but the team’s Bianca Koppen said she was not ‘too worried about it.'” said telegraph.co.uk

“The first cars are expected to cross the finish line on Wednesday, race organisers said.

The race which was first held in 1987 is held every two years.” said telegraph.co.uk

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“World Solar Challenge 2015 begins in Darwin, Australia”