Witness Raju The Freed Elephant’s Joy As He Joins Five Females At Sanctuary

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Raju, a tortured and down beaten elephant cried with tears of joy when we was released from captivity and the chains that bond him were removed.

Imagine his joy when he was taken to a large sanctuary that held 5 other female elements.

The females accepted his entry and all were happy,

This was not always the case.

Kartick said: “Raju’s case was particularly tragic as we believe he’s been sold again and again and may have had 27 owners.

“By the time we found him he was in a pathetic condition. He hadn’t been fed properly and the chains that cut into his legs had been there 50 years – an act of unthinkable cruelty.

“We’ve spent much more than expected on treatment.

“And we still have a long way to go because he has a serious limp and open wounds.” His new family are also recovering. Laxmi, 18, has severe arthritis, obesity and a heart condition.

Kartick said: “She’d been used as a begging prop and her owners had got her addicted to fried junk food.

“She was so fat we had to use a crane to get her on to a ­specially strengthened truck to drive her to our centre.”

Chanchal, 16, had been hit by a speeding lorry.

And Sai Geeta was rescued from a circus where she had been forced to perform for years with a broken leg. Today the elephants enjoy a pool paid for with the help of Sunday People readers.

Kartick said: “We are overwhelmed by their generosity.”

And now the charity has launched a £20,000 appeal to mark World Elephant Day on August 12.

To donate, go to or send cheques/postal orders to Wildlife SOS-UK, 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS. Find out more at




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“Witness Raju The Freed Elephant’s Joy As He Joins Five Females At Sanctuary”