Why Business Need to Go “All In” for the Environment with Steve Howard

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As an individual consumer, it’s easy to feel that corporations and businesses are a separate entity. However, t’s the truth to admit that the majority of all citizens could not survive without the supplies available through businesses – work places that are composed of people.

Instead of trashing the corporations which sell much-needed tools for survival in the modern era (places to live, furniture, some electronics, food, clothes, ways to get around, etc…), it is essential a new model of development be accepted.

Steve Howard, previous worker for the environmental field (The Climate Group, WFF, with the U.N., and more) believes that in order to make this vision successful, it’s the businesses that need to be at the heart of the change.

In the following TED talk, Steve shares his vision for businesses and what he’s been doing at IKEA.

His lecture serves as inspiration for the many entrepreneurs and already established businesses seeking to evolve with the world as it progresses.

Learn more here http://charterforcompassion.org/node/6187

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“Why Business Need to Go “All In” for the Environment with Steve Howard”