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When Workers Own Their Companies, Everyone Wins

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According to Democracy Collaborative, the world’s largest 300 cooperatives together constitute the ninth largest national economy. America is a land of ownership and democracy—and yet these values are generally ignored in the workforce. Cooperatives can change that.

In areas of the world where coops exist there has been stronger and more consistent economies.

“Leo Gerard, the President of United Steelworkers Union, has been vocal about the possibility of what he calls “union cooperatives.” He has even studied this: In the wake of the recession, his union allied with Mondragon, a large federation of cooperatives based in Spain, and spent three years developing ways to build a similar movement in the states. Gerard noted that even while the Spanish economy has fared poorly in recent years, Mondragon proved resilient, maintaining steady employment.”

COOPs are normally thought to be related to foodies. But when related to unions they may be our greatest hope for creating a strong economy for the American public.

COOP’s represent the best in business ownership. Providing real time profits to all owners and not stand by or wait and hold profits like stock investing.


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“When Workers Own Their Companies, Everyone Wins”