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When Humans Disappear, This Village’s Ghostly Appearance is Hauntingly Beautiful.

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An island in China is hiding a stunning secret.

The island is somewhere in or near the Yangtze River, it is known to be a sub tropic environment and is made up of 400 islands, but only 18 are habitable.

Photographer Zhou Jie, who goes by the name Jane Green online, went to this secret location and snapped some haunting pictures of an abandoned fishing village on one of the islands. Uninhabited, it’s slowly being overgrown with ivy and other native plants.

The homes themselves are relics of a bygone era with only remnants of the once thriving human society that used to dwell in this island.

“No one knows why this village was abandoned, but it appears to have been empty for quite some time. It gives us a glimpse of what a human habitat might look like after we’re gone and mother nature is left to reclaim the land. Abandoned places often carry with them a sense of uneasiness, but this sleepy town is completely tranquil.
Nature will soon reclaim every remnant of human life in this place.”

Jane and a few small others who know of this village will not divulge its location, but maybe that’s for the best.

[MUST SEE SOURCE PICS](http://www.viralnova.com/the-green-village/?mb=fbko)

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“When Humans Disappear, This Village’s Ghostly Appearance is Hauntingly Beautiful.”