Watch First Responders & Bystanders Lift Car Off Of Pinned Woman

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Police officers, firefighters and bystanders made a dramatic rescue in Dallas earlier this month that was captured on video, lifting up a car to help free a motorcyclist who was hit by the vehicle.

The footage, released today, shows eight Dallas police officers, firefighters and witnesses springing into action in the wake of the crash, which was also captured on video.

See angle One here from across the street:

“The vehicle was traveling in the left lane and the motorcyclist in the right lane,” Dallas Police spokeswoman Monica Cordova said today about the July 9 accident. “The man in the car decided to make a right turn and he hit the oncoming motorcyclist.”

The video shows the motorcyclist being dragged several feet before the 2007 Nissan Altima stopped close to the curb.

The woman was pinned under the car and struggling to breathe, Cordova said.

Police officers –- who responded within 30 seconds of being dispatched –- first tried to use a jack to lift the car. When that failed, the first responders and bystanders decided to combine their muscle-power and lift the car off the woman.

See angle Two here from directly behind:

According to Car and Driver, the curb weight of the car is about 3,200 pounds.

She was rushed by ambulance to Baylor University Medical Center where she underwent surgery, Tim Bates, a lawyer who is representing the injured woman, said.

“My client is grateful and thankful for the excellent service provided by the Dallas Police Officers and Firefighters that saved her life,” Bates said in a statement, adding that the woman is still recovering from her injuries and is unable to provide comment.

Her condition was not clear.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.52.14 AM

The Dallas Police Department is not releasing the name of the male driver or female motorcyclist.

The man driving the car will not have any charges filed against him by police, however, he was ticketed at the scene for driving without a license, Cordova said.

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“Watch First Responders & Bystanders Lift Car Off Of Pinned Woman”