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UC Berkeley Students Occupy Wheeler Hall, Refuse to Leave Until Tuition Vote Is Reversed

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Students held a sleepover at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall, occupy-style to protest the recent vote to increase tuition by 25 percent for the next five years.

A UC Regents committee yesterday passed a highly controversial measure to increase tuition for students at roughly 5 percent annually for the next five years. Meanwhile, chancellors have been getting raising.

Students started their protesting early yesterday morning before the vote in San Francisco; they blocked doors, broke glass and one kid was arrested. And while today is a new day, the anger students feel toward the university isn’t going anywhere.

Students are saying they have no plans to leave the building until UC Regents undo their vote to increase tuition.

So far, things have been chill, perhaps because students are still sleeping. But campus cops are watching them to make sure this lock-in doesn’t escalate.

In fact, the Chron is reporting that a UC Berkeley police officer came to the hall around 10 p.m. and told students it was officially closed. “They’ve been notified, the building is closed and they need to leave,” a campus police lieutenant said on the police radio.

Later a cop was overheard saying: “Please be sure you have your helmets and batons with you,” the newspaper reports.

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“UC Berkeley Students Occupy Wheeler Hall, Refuse to Leave Until Tuition Vote Is Reversed”