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Toyota To Supply Fuel Cell Vehicle Parts To Other Automakers.

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Toyota Motor Corp. is planning to provide the major components of fuel cell vehicles to other automakers to promote their entry into the market, company officials said.

Toyota is considering supplying such parts as fuel cells, high-pressure hydrogen tanks and motors to accelerate the spread of FCVs.

It appears their hope is to change the face of the automobile industry. I am not convinced that our government AKA the oil industry will allow it?

FCVs are powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen that produces only water and no carbon dioxide. Toyota said last week it will launch a sedan-style FCV in Japan by next March at a retail price of around ¥7 million.

Toyota hopes to lower the price as the market continues to grow and their parts are accepted.

“For cutting costs, technological innovation is important but mass production is effective,” said a Toyota executive.

“Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., with which Toyota has formed a capital alliance, is seen as another automaker that could potentially supplying such parts. Since Toyota makes most of its major FCV parts, it would be difficult for other carmakers to purchase parts to be used in the vehicle.”


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“Toyota To Supply Fuel Cell Vehicle Parts To Other Automakers.”