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“Time Money” – Will time replace money as the new currency?

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Bliive is an example of a new type of business model that is emerging and quickly spreading. Time replaces money as currency and in the case of barter website, Bliive, it is aptly called, “Time Money.”

Bliive looks and feels like a social media platform. Its users trade services, including guitar lessons, air conditioner repairs and tarot card readings, without any cash or credit card transactions. For each hour of service provided, the user receives Time Money, with which they can buy another service.

Bliive founder, Lorrana Scarpioni, came up with the idea after watching documentaries about the sharing economy and alternative currencies.

“Bliive is a collaborative network of time exchange,” Lorrana said. “We see this platform as a movement that shows people the real value of exchanges and how they can develop themselves this way.”

Bliive takes the concept of the sharing economy – popularized by platforms including Uber and Airbnb – a step further. It creates a new channel between the supply and demand of services, and does away with conventional cash altogether. More than 90,000 services are on offer on the website, making it larger than other barter-based sites. All of these transactions occur in a legally tax-free manner, as authorities cannot tax the barter economy.

“The no-money-involved transferences can be a great alternative to keep people developing themselves. We see a lot of people who have graduated with very nice degrees, but they don’t have jobs,” said Lorrana.

“We use these talents and values to create a world that is more collaborative and less competitive – more focused on the value of people, not just the value of money,” said Lorrana.

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““Time Money” – Will time replace money as the new currency?”