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This Machine Lets You Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Clothes at Home

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Wish sorting your plastic empties was more…glamorous? Hungarian designer Kovács Apor imagines a future where we routinely transform plastic bottles into clothes, right in the comfort of our homes. “PETE,”, one of six finalists in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab is a wall-mounted household appliance that Apor conceived as a way to reduce plastic waste. The idea first struck him on a rainy-day excursion to Romania’s Danube Delta, whose churning waters left a mass of discarded plastic bottles in their wake.

“It was sad to think that when the Danube recedes, the land is going to be filled with [polyethylene] bottles,” Apor writes in his proposal. “I truly hope, that in the future can reuse the plastic bottles in our homes, protecting the environment.”

Although Apor describes the PETE as little more than a “special trash bin,” he also anticipates it as a tool for fostering creativity.

“The consumer only has to choose the required clothing type, color, and cutting, while the machine gives the amount of PET bottles needed for the fabrication and turns the bottles into polyester and prints the garments,” he explains. “This method creates a natural recycling method for plastic bottles and turns the consumer into an eco-designer.”

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“This Machine Lets You Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Clothes at Home”