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Google Project Lets You Program a Simulated Quantum Computer

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Quantum computing has the potential to make of the smartphones, laptops and data centers we now consider so sophisticated look positively Cro-Magnon. The potential is enormous. Have you ever seen the diagram of how many Earths could fit into a planet the size of Jupiter? For comparison’s sake, that is a good place to start.

But for the vast majority of people—including most computer engineers—what quantum computing actually does is basically a mystery. A few “real” quantum computers exist in the world (though some are controversial), and the art of actually programming them to perform useful work is still in its infancy.

A group of Google engineers are giving people the opportunity to play around with quantum programming. A project apparently spearheaded by engineers Greg Wroblewski and Laura Culp at Google’s campus in Kirkland, Wash., created a developer sandbox called the Quantum Computing Playground intended to give developers an opportunity to play around with the basics of quantum computing.

####[Now you can try you hand at quantum programming here.](


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“Google Project Lets You Program a Simulated Quantum Computer”