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This Farmer Asked Oil And Gas Commissioners To Drink Fracking Water

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Last week in Nebraska, a farmer spoke at a meeting for the Nebraska Oil and Gas Commission, where the board was hearing comments from the community about approving fracking operations in the area. The farmer, who was not named or identified in the video, spoke from experience, as a former employee in the oil and gas industry.

The farmer was concerned about a plan to dump fracking waste water into a disposal well in Sioux County, which will undoubtedly contaminate local water supplies, and possibly even flow into other states.

To illustrate the potential hazards of this plan, the farmer brought in a sample of fracking waste water, and challenged the board members to drink it. When faced with the challenge, the board simply said that they had “no comment.”

Fracking is an operation that is used to extract natural gas from underneath the earth. However, this practice has many dangers. Many families have had their houses poisoned with gas and extraction chemicals. Now it is being confirmed that earthquakes are also happening as a result of fracking.

The new geophysical research, by Won-Young Kim at Columbia University in Palisades, New York, is the latest to suggest that the main risk of earthquakes associated with fracking relates to the way the water used in the operations is disposed of afterwards. In Ohio, the wastewater was injected into a deep well. This raised the pressure of water within the rock and triggered 109 small quakes between January 2011 and February 2012. The largest, on 31 December 2011, had a magnitude of 3.9.

In most cases where fracking is taking place, nearby property owners are having their homes poisoned and have absolutely no recourse to defend their property rights against this transgression. Unfortunately, fracking is still somewhat popular publicly because people know very little about it and it is also popular politically because all of the politicians have a hand in it.

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“This Farmer Asked Oil And Gas Commissioners To Drink Fracking Water”