The Yes Men Are Revolting

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The Yes Men have impersonated officials from Dow, Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Halliburton, the US federal gov’t, and many others in comedic direct actions that get tons of press around some of the biggest issues.

The Yes Men are currently making a movie, The Yes Men Are Revolting, that uses irreverent humor and disruptive action to focus on climate change, the corporate money in politics that keeps us from addressing it, and the Movement that can take our Democracy back.

They are also making a human-staffed platform—the “Action Switchboard”—that will give every single viewer of the film a way to plug directly into ongoing direct actions, or get lots of help starting new ones, around goals like the establishment of a carbon tax, the protection of the Arctic, etc.

If you happen to live in New York, the Yes Lab has ongoing activities at NYU’s Hemispheric Institute, including a weekly brainstorm/work session and the Creative Activism Thursdays speaking series.

2013 has been a busy year for us. Here are some successes and good reasons to support Yes Lab:

• Dashing Shell’s Arctic drilling dreams—a moratorium has since been placed on Arctic drilling

• Monkey wrenching Enbridge’s and Energy East’s suicidal tar sands pipelines and their PR campaigns—Enbridge’s plans faltered and soon so will Energy East’s

• The US Chamber of Commerce’s PR meltdown and policy change—after fighting tooth and nail they finally dropped their opposition to climate change legislation

• Shedding light on the New York Police Department’s racist Stop and Frisk program—a policy that is rapidly loosing traction

• Publicizing Monsanto’s plans to sow Franken-corn in Mexico—a judge has since halted their efforts

And dozens of other projects.

*See their New York Times hoax here

Learn more about them here

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“The Yes Men Are Revolting”