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The Wrong Way to Treat Child Geniuses.

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All to often child geniuses are identified at an early age and the hopes of the world are placed on their shoulders.

The Vanderbilt University psychologist David Lubinski said in a recent interview. “These are the people who are going to figure out all the riddles,” Schizophrenia, cancer—they’re going to fight terrorism, they’re going to create patents and the scientific innovations that drive our economy. But they are not given a lot of opportunities in schools that are designed for typically developing kids.”

They are tracked, prodded, tested, given test after test and many more rigors are placed upon them.

And what are the results? It has been found that yes many of these prodigies do indeed go on to achieve a great many things. Some becoming professors, doctors and some even invent very cool toys.

But as it would turn out, most highly successful people in the world, those that are industry shakers and movers are not and were never identified as being a child prodigy.

Does this mean we should stop tracking the hopefuls? No, but there should be a better way to identify every person and not just the hopefuls that go through the system. If we did and then guided people towards their aptitude and desires then perhaps our world would be a bright shinning star.


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“The Wrong Way to Treat Child Geniuses.”