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The Smog-Eating Tower Will Transform Pollutants Into Jewellry

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A team of Dutch designers have come up with an innovative solution to clean the air in polluted cities and create jewellery in the process. The Smog Free Tower is intended to be the “largest purifier in the world” and create a “cube of smog” from every 1,000 cubic meters of air it cleans. The team believes that in areas affected by severe air pollution, the Smog Free Tower will harvest enough smog to produce over 3,500 “Smog Free Cubes” a day.

Daan Roosegaarde, who is leading the project, shared on Kickstarter, “The Smog Free Tower is the first step of the Smog Free Movement: our dream of a clean future in which people work together to stop pollution. We believe that the Smog Free Tower provides a unique opportunity to get people to understand the issue of air pollution through direct experience. The bubble of clean air that the Smog Free Tower generates will be a place that brings people together to work and think about how we can free our cities of smog.”

The team from Studio Roosegaarde in Rotterdam are raising money on Kickstarter to make their tower a reality and could begin building as soon as next month. The plan is to build the large air purifier and take it on tour around the world to create “bubbles” of clean air.

An indoor prototype has been developed and the team is ready to build a real working version, which will first work its magic in Rotterdam. Then the tower will then travel around the world, from city to city, if enough funds are raised. The structure will be 23 feet tall and use patented technology to filter the surrounding air. Ionic filters will charge and remove smog particles, blowing fresh air out of the tower’s side vents. This will create a high-pressure zone, which the team estimate can create a bubble that consistently has 75 percent less smog than elsewhere.

Roosegaarde said: “We’re basically building the largest air purifier in the world. The technology is already used indoors in hospitals. It’s safe and tested, we just build the largest one outdoors.”

The plan is to produce one million of these cubes in total. Backers can pre-order a smog free cube for $55 on Kickstarter or a smog free ring or cufflinks for $276, which are estimated to ship in December.

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“The Smog-Eating Tower Will Transform Pollutants Into Jewellry”