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The Only Cops Who Have A Problem With Body Cameras Are Bad Cops. Denver Equips Their Police Force.

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Police brutality is becoming more active in the public eye.

Is this because police are becoming more callus and aggressive or is it business as usually and there are more cameras on the streets because of smart phones.

Denver police on Wednesday said they hope to equip 800 officers, including all patrol and traffic officers, with body cameras in 2015.

“The body camera will clear up those moments of conflict,” Chief Robert White said. “We’re very comfortable that we are going in the right direction.”

Advocates of the cameras believe this is protection and follow-up protocol for both the police force and citizens. Not many look at this as a training tool, the military and sports teams use video to become better soldiers and athletes. I suspect police could do the same.

The equipment will cost about .5 million, but the game has not been won the City Council still must approve the expense.

“I’m hoping financially we can afford them,” White said. “Technology is such that they are affordable. It’s achievable.”

“Officers will wear the tiny cameras on their glasses or lapel. According to new protocols, officers must turn them on every instance they make contact with citizens. Failure to do so could lead to discipline, White said.”

“After a call, officers will download the footage, which will be stored “in the cloud,” White said.”

“Citizens should know officers are being held accountable,” White said. “The only officers who would have a problem with body cameras are bad officers.”

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“The Only Cops Who Have A Problem With Body Cameras Are Bad Cops. Denver Equips Their Police Force.”