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The Next Big Thing That You Missed – Tindie Leaving Kickstarter In The Dust?

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The site is called Tindie, and it’s now a thriving operation. Over the past two years, Tindie has listed more than 2,000 products, with 200 of those arriving online in the last month alone, and it has processed more than 10,000 orders. Sales have doubled since February. And powerhouse venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is among those that pumped .2 million into the startup during a seed funding round.

The tech cognescenti love talking about Kickstarter as a place for bootstrapping hardware projects. But the less-glamorous Tindie could prove just as important to the evolution of hardware design. Where Kickstarter is all about funding slick and shiny products that haven’t been built yet, Tindie is a straightforward marketplace for cruder devices that already exist, devices often built in small batches with limited amounts of capital. The result is a community of indie hardware makers who can feed off each other, a place that can help bootstrap a much wider revolution in hardware design.


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“The Next Big Thing That You Missed – Tindie Leaving Kickstarter In The Dust?”