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The Internet Has Caused An Abhorrent Cultural Feudalism

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“Free culture, like cheap food, incurs hidden costs.” Instead of serving as the great equalizer, the web has created an abhorrent cultural feudalism. The creative masses connect, create and labor, while Google, Facebook and Amazon collect the cash.

The internet was thought to be the great equalizer. Providing information for free and connecting the world in a way that had never been seen.

But the worst has happened and it is called capitalism. We have monetized the web and big companies are cashing in at your expense.

Instead of watching free video, you now gladly pay for subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.

The middle class is dissapearing and soon there will be the have and the have not’s.

Free info is not free, ads cost, time cost, and subscriptions cost.

Taxes are now being levied and they are censoring and telling us what can and can not be sold, distributed, talked about and more.

What will it take for mankind to take control of itself?

The elite are the few, we are the many.


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“The Internet Has Caused An Abhorrent Cultural Feudalism”