The ‘Holodeck’ Is Here! Tabletop ‘Fog Screens’ For 3D Interaction

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A breaking development in the field of science and computing: researchers are about to unveil a tabletop display with screens formed from curtains of mist. This will allow you to reach through the screen like the fictional “holodeck” that so many have already compared it to.

The system also creates a 3D “interaction space” in which you use your finger as a cursor and can move images around.

Developers are calling this the MisTable. It was developed by a team at University of Bristol, led by Sriram Subramanian and Diego Martinez Plasencia.

The product’s full set up includes a fog machine, water reservoir, and distribution chamber that are all connected underneath a table. There are pipes bringing up the fog that creates the screens. Finally, projectors on top of the setup present the images.

According to Subramanian, the system is ideal for group work. A person sitting diagonally across the table from you can have their own mist screen, while you can simply move content from your personal screen, directly to the tabletop. Finally, you can move it back to your’s or your co-worker or friend’s face.

“Users can be aware of each other’s actions and can easily switch between interacting with the personal screen to the tabletop surface or the interaction section.”

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“The ‘Holodeck’ Is Here! Tabletop ‘Fog Screens’ For 3D Interaction”