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The First Made In Uganda Electric Car Africa

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The Kiira EV SMACK, a sedan Hybrid Plugin Electric Vehicle (HPEV) developed by CRTT, CEDAT with support from the Presidential Initiative on display. The eco car branded Kiira EV was test driven at the university premises as students gathered to witness the landmark occasion. The Kiira EV car is the first environmentally friendly car to be designed in Uganda and it’s the brainchild of Professor Stevens Tikocdri who says the car can run for eighty kilometers on a full battery.

A group of 25 Ugandan students from Makerere University’s College of Engineering, Art and Design have built Uganda’s first electric car, the Kiira EV. Initially designed in 2009, the fabricated car was taken for a public test drive last week. Most of the parts of the two-seater, including the core body and combustion system, were designed and built locally.

Lead project investigator, professor Sandy Tickodri-Togboa estimates the car will cost between 0,000 to 5,000 when produced commercially, about a third the cost of electric cars in the United States. The car will be officially launched by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni on November 18th.

The team’s next project will be to design and build a line of electric buses. As one of the main modes of transport, the buses have the potential to greatly reduce the country’s reliance on oil and offer a greener source of transportation to the majority of Ugandans.

And yet Nigeria, another country of the African continent also intruding their Car.

When Nigeria, on October 3, 2013, announced the introduction of a new automotive policy aimed at discouraging the importation of wholly assembled automobile and encourage local manufacturing, it seemed like a tall dream, but building on recent local assembly successes by Hyundai and Nissan was indigenous company Innoson’s unveiling of its new brand of cars last week.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited founded by Nigerian industrialist, Chief Innocent Chukwuma unveiled its new cars – IVM Umu, IVM Umu and IVM Uzo manufactured at the company’s Nnewi plant in Anambra State, South east Nigeria.

70 percent of the parts used in manufacturing the cars were locally sourced, heralding the emergence of a local car manufacturing industry that will in the nearest future serve the region. Already, the company has disclosed it plans to take its brand to neighbors in West Africa, with the Republic of Benin and Ghana on its radar. The company had earlier impressed with its trucks and buses.

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“The First Made In Uganda Electric Car Africa”