The Bike for Cheaters

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A company called Gtech has developed a simple “stealth” electric bicycle, called the eBike, that it believes could revolutionize commuter culture and encourage more people to bike to work.

The key feature of the new machine is that it looks like any other commuter bike because the battery is designed to mimic a sporty water bottle.

The detachable battery takes three hours to charge and is good for a 30 mile trip. It can be recharged over a thousand times so can cover 30,000 miles.

The company founder Nick Grey said, “People love the fact no one can tell it’s electric and when they ride it, they feel like Olympic cyclists. It is designed for those people who want to arrive fresh at work after a cycling commute, take a challenging country ride without their knees quaking or care for the environment by leaving the car in the garage. I have wanted to design a clean, environmentally friendly eBike for years. I find gears and power settings confusing, so our team have worked really hard to create a simple solution that anyone can ride. Young or old, adventurer or commuter, I would be proud if the Gtech eBike could bring simple, honest exercise back into peoples’ lives.”

The company is so confident in its new product that it is allowing people to return it – free of charge – after two weeks if they don’t like it.

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“The Bike for Cheaters”