Ten times more throughput on optic fibers

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EPFL scientists have shown how to achieve a dramatic increase in the capacity of optical fibers by reducing the amount of space required between the pulses of light that transport data.

Optical fibers carry data in the form of pulses of light over distances of thousands of miles at high speeds. But their capacity is limited, because the pulses of light need to be lined up one after the other in the fiber with a minimum distance between them so the signals don’t interfere with each other.

EPFL researchers have come up with a method for fitting pulses together within the fibers, thereby reducing the space between pulses. Their approach, published in Nature Communications, opens the door to a ten-fold increase in throughput in telecommunications systems.

Learn more here http://phys.org/news/2013-12-ten-throughput-optic-fibers.html

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“Ten times more throughput on optic fibers”