Technology Doesn’t Steal Your Jobs, It Creates Even More

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Rise of the machines and advancing technology are often seen as the reason for unemployment. Since the boom in industrialization, the machines have been repeatedly held responsible for stealing jobs of humans. According to a study by the economists at the consultancy Deloitte, the technology, rather than destroying our jobs has been a “great job-creating machine.”

“The advancement in technology brings in chimerical apprehensions with reasons ranging from humans getting tamed by machines in future to more substantial ones like the risk of losing jobs to robots. Fair enough. But are machines really that bad? Should we abandon the comfort that technology has provided us?

Of course not. Not just because the luxury of 80’s has become the necessity of today, but also that the machines are not our job snatchers. According to a study by the economists at the consultancy Deloitte, the technology, rather than destroying our jobs has been a “great job-creating machine.”

The results are from a comprehensive study of the census data for England and Wales, the place where it all began, dating back to 1871. The findings show that there was a surge in jobs in technology and business service sectors which was always eclipsed by the decline in demand in agriculture and manufacturing.

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It should be noted that the current discussion on technology must not be confused with the upgradation of arms and cyber warfare, especially AI weapons.” said

“Simply stated, we have given all our boring and dangerous jobs to machines. People often argue that machines have taken over the manual labour and the poor are taking the worst hit because of that. But, do we really want our fellow humans to get employed in the backbreaking jobs, that don’t even pay.

Isn’t it better to give our clothes to a laundry with affordable washing machines rather than a place where the job is manually done.

Moreover, the study reveals that the labour which was always presumed to be a source of raw power was shifted to care, education and service sectors.


Technology has served as a major ignition to the jobs in the knowledge-intensive sectors with the rise in the demand as well as the incomes of the professionals.

Instead of taking our employment and making us miserable, the emergence of machines and the advancement in technology has only made us better. The economy of all the countries was given a major boost, and everyone knows the obvious reason why the superpowers are called so.” said

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“Technology Doesn’t Steal Your Jobs, It Creates Even More”