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Stellar Is More Than An Adjective.

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Stellar is a new decentralized payment network that hopes to further the cause of cryptocurrencies. But, unlike Bitcoin, it supports transactions in several different currency options — you can use dollars, Euros, bitcoins, or anything else.

Stripe the creator of Bitcoin which was launched four months ago have been very cusy in attempts to change the ever evolving and possibly failing currency system.

“Development is led by Jed McCaleb and Professor David Mazières in collaboration with a small team of others. (The technology is based on the open-source Ripple project, originally created by Jed a few years ago.)”

“Figuring out how to efficiently move money is something we support very strongly:”

Stripe has built integration protocols for many different banking and finance protocols in over 17 countries.


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“Stellar Is More Than An Adjective.”