Spontaneous Bernie Sanders rally breaks out at Comic-Con

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“The Force is strong with Bernie. He’s our only hope.”

A graphic artist reportedly started a spontaneous rally for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) outside this year’s Comic-Con convention in San Diego over the weekend.

Sanders supporter and graphic artist Mario Prado said that the pop culture celebration was the perfect place to cheer on the self-described socialist presidential hopeful from Vermont.

“Comic-Con attracts a lot of nerds,” Prado explained to the site. “Nerds are very much on top of politics.”

Prado reportedly created a mural featuring Sanders decked out in steampunk goggles and holding a chainsaw and shotgun while standing resolutely in front of the Koch brothers, who barrel toward him in a Mad Max-style vehicle.

Prado also handed out flyers laying out Sanders’s positions on a number of issues like health care and energy, and a number of people soon followed his lead. Reportedly, a woman joined him and began waving an “Occupy” flag, while another pair of costumed attendees stopped by with lightsabers swinging.

“The Force is strong with Bernie. He’s our only hope,” a woman dressed as Princess Leia told the site.

Prado says he’s not affiliated with the Sanders campaign in any way and that he was inspired because he simply “loves the guy.”

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“Spontaneous Bernie Sanders rally breaks out at Comic-Con”