Space Tourism Provides A Balloon to the Ends of the Earth

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Imagine rising into the stillness of a sunrise, gently ascending under a balloon. Floating into the blackness of space, you gaze at the curvature of the Earth below.

Your journey of a lifetime begins the minute you step aboard the comfortable, stylishly-appointed spacecraft. With no special training, you’ll experience a thrill like no other – one that for more than half a century has been reserved solely for astronauts.

Space might be closer than you think. By the end of 2016, a private company, World View, plans to bring tourists to the brink of outer space in a high-altitude balloon.

Just shy of the height reached by daredevil Felix Baumgartner, who jumped out of a craft in 2012 that was stationed at the edge of space and just 24 miles above Earth, passengers will be able to travel 19 miles above the ground to see the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of space all for the cost of just 5,000.

With World View, you’ll discover what it’s like to leave the surface of the Earth behind. Every tree, every building, even the mountains themselves become smaller and smaller as you gently and effortlessly rise above. The world becomes a natural collage of magnificent beauty, one you can only appreciate from space. Floating up more than 100,000 feet within the layers of the atmosphere, you will be safely and securely sailing at the very threshold of the heavens, skimming the edge of space for hours. The breathtaking view unfolds before you—our home planet suspended in the deep, beckoning cosmos. Your world view will be forever changed.

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“Space Tourism Provides A Balloon to the Ends of the Earth”