Solar Roadways looks to crowdfund M, begin manufacturing

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Then they got a 00,000 grant from the Department of Energy, and Lloyd weighed in on whether it could really be viable.

Then they built a prototype. Lloyd said nice things.

Then they got a 50,000 grant to build an even bigger prototype. Lloyd admired their tenacity and sounded like he might be rethinking his own skepticism.

Now Solar Roadways is at it again, seeking to raise a whopping ,000,000 via Indiegogo to kickstart a manufacturing operation that, eventually, they hope will spread to every state in the nation.

I’m not a physicist, and I am not an engineer. So I will refrain from commenting on the viability of the concept. I confess to raising my eyebrows when I saw how much money they are trying to raise but then, having seen how often they have proven us wrong in the past, I thought it best to shut my mouth and post the video.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they post your crowdfunding video. And then… well, let’s just wait and see.

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“Solar Roadways looks to crowdfund M, begin manufacturing”