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Snowden to reveal secrets of Arab dictators

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Edward Snowden is expected to reveal new secrets, this time pertaining to Arab dictators and Gulf rulers, the Al-Arab Al-Yawm website said Monday.

According to the Al-Arab Al-Yawm website, sources close to Snowden’s Arabic translation team revealed that the upcoming leaks will have to do with what Arab rulers used to tell Americans behind closed doors and agreements with the CIA.

“The Arabic part will trigger a tsunami in the Arab world,” the website claimed. It will also include leaks on Syria, Palestine and Turkey.

The global nature of Internet surveillance is one of the many revelations from Edward Snowden’s disclosures that began last summer. When asking how the Fourth Amendment applied to the Internet, we naturally assumed that the target, the evidence, and the government were inside the United States.

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“Snowden to reveal secrets of Arab dictators”