SkyCycle: a transport icon for London

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The principle is simple really – currently TfL estimate there are over 500,000 cycle journeys made every day in London, by 2020 they estimate this to be 1.5 million cycle journeys per day. The roads in central London and the arterial routes into London are busy enough with cars, vans, trucks, taxis, buses, motorcycles and bicycles – tripling the amount of cyclists in this environment is, to us, a recipe for a lot of tension on the roads & further compromising of cyclist safety. SkyCycle will not replace the roads, it will simply be an alternative option; the roads of London still need massive improvements for cyclist safety; SkyCycle will not be publicly funded; SkyCycle will be a users pays alternative to riding on the roads; SkyCycle will be a commuter option and will deliver people to their destinations as quickly and efficiently as trains or tubes; SkyCycle will need to be on Network Rail land and perhaps in some cases on local authority land; SkyCycle would be operated by TfL; SkyCycle will be a safer alternative to a small % of the extra 1 million projected daily cycle journeys estimated to be made in London over the coming years; SkyCycle will get Sam back onto a bicycle and we believe here it is an essential part of the future growth of London and is a very necessary piece of infra structure that will put London on the map as a city for the future.

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“SkyCycle: a transport icon for London”