Shipping container conversion provides clean water in developing countries

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Joining forces with engineering firm Deka R&D, Coca-Cola has launched a project which will see the transformation of approximately 2,000 shipping containers into water purifying stations. Dubbed Ekocenter, the shipping container module has been designed to provide isolated and developing communities with facilities to produce safe drinking water, as well as access to wireless internet technology and solar powered charging.

The first Ekocenter prototype is currently being tested in Heidelberg, South Africa. It consists of a bright red 20 ft (6 m) long shipping container covered with solar panels. The facility comes equipped with a Slingshot water purification device which uses vapor compression distillation to produce clean drinking water.

The Slingshot, which was invented by Deka R&D President Dean Kamen (the same guy who came up with the Segway), was originally designed to be powered by cow dung and can turn almost any source of dirty water (including river water and sea water) into clean drinking water.

“Each machine delivers approximately 850 liters (225 gallons) of safe drinking water per day using less electricity than a hair dryer (1 kWh),” says Coca-Cola.

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“Shipping container conversion provides clean water in developing countries”