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Scientists Just Saw Light Coming Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time

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An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the light as emanating from within a black hole, rather than beside it. Corrections have been made to reflect this small but important distinction.

“In the epitomizing blackness of space, few natural phenomena can compete with the darkness of black holes. After all, with their inexorable gravitational pull, nothing, not even light, can be seen … right? Well, mostly. Last week, for the first time ever, scientists observed visible light emanating from beside a black hole with nothing more than a 20 cm. telescope.


Apparently, the rather beautiful phenomena occurs when, as the Guardian explains, “material from surrounding space falls into them and releases violent bursts of light.” Essentially, when some matter is sucked into one of these massive pits of gravity, they emit an incredible amount of energy, which can manifest itself as light. When this happens, it looks like we’re seeing light coming out of a black hole.” said

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“Scientists Just Saw Light Coming Out Of A Black Hole For The First Time”