SCI-Arc students take 3D printing to the robots

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Since it launched in 2011, the Robot House at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) has challenged students to create material forms of digital models by orchestrating complex robotic movements in space. But aided by the 3D printer they are breaking even newer ground.

Peter Testa, Principal at Testa|Weiser and founding director of the MIT Emergent Design Group (EDG), initiated and designed the Robot House. The “House” is actually a lab containing 5 medium-scale and one smaller scale robotic arms that can be fitted with an array of tools for gripping and manipulating materials. He explains that from the first installation of the Staübli Unimation robot arms the goal has been to create a “design platform” based on a software program that can accurately relate a digitally conceived design to the creation of physical form, using all or some of the robot arms.

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“SCI-Arc students take 3D printing to the robots”