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Sanders Leads Progressive Uprising, No More Politics as Usual, Liberal Leaders Fight Back

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Bernie Sanders is fed up with politics “as usual” and is leading a nationwide uprising of progressives and populists who feel the same. The message; greedy power hungry politics that are dominated by big money, special interests and political insiders will no longer be tolerated!

Many Americans are starting to wake up and smell the bitter coffee which may be why Sanders has closed to within 8 percentage points of Hillary Clinton, with Clinton leading Sanders only 43 to 35 percent.

Liberals, progressives and true populists grow less inspired while Hilary Clinton remains on the sideline while Sanders wages the battle for workers during his road tours and trade debates, — Clinton’s and other politicians inaction and business as usual attitude only fuels the grassroots progressive uprising and promotes Sanders even more.

Obama fuels the growing movement by insulting and berating liberals over trade and then celebrating his “victory” over them created by his alliance with Republican leaders — against the large majority of Democrats in Congress, who opposed the fast-track trade bill.

“There is a progressive wave growing America and Sanders is riding this wave while moving to lead it and shape it. Sanders is a conviction politician who fights good fights and supports good causes. He always says what he believes and fights for his causes with deeds — not only words — which is why his campaign is surging and his support is growing.”


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“Sanders Leads Progressive Uprising, No More Politics as Usual, Liberal Leaders Fight Back”