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Russell Brand Confronted By Friend Of Tunisia Terror Attack Victims

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A few days ago Russell Brand courted controversy when he claimed that the minute silence for the victims of the Tunisia shooting is ‘bulls**t’.

His opinions didn’t go down well with some who felt that he’d shown a lack of respect to the victims. In his latest video Russell is asked by Rob, a man who lost two friends in the tragedy, why he made the comments.

Russell takes the opportunity to try and reiterate the points he was trying to make in the original video, which is essentially that our governments are being hypocritical by publicly saying that these countries are dangerous and yet still continuing weapons to them.

Clarifying his comments about the minute silence, Russell said: “Don’t do those gestures if you are contributing to creating the situation that led to their death.”

By the end Rob appears to have accepted Russell’s perspective., saying: “I agree, with the government funding the terrorists with the arms and all that, but they sweep all that under the carpet don’t they?”

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“Russell Brand Confronted By Friend Of Tunisia Terror Attack Victims”