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Ron Paul: Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich

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The latest unemployment numbers show that “quantitative easing” is not benefiting the average American.

It is increasingly obvious that the Fed’s post-2008 policies of bailouts, money printing, and bond buying benefited the big banks and the politically-connected investment firms. QE a blatant example of crony capitalism. The Fed’s polices have always benefited crony capitalists and big spending politicians at the expense of the average American.

Since the Federal Reserve opened its doors one hundred years ago, the dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power. Today you need 3.70 to buy what one dollar bought in 1913. Fortunately, in recent years more Americans have become aware of how dangerous the Fed is and how badly it’s impacting their lives.

Auditing and ending the Fed, and allowing Americans to use the currency of their choice, must be a priority for anyone serious about restoring peace, prosperity, and liberty.


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“Ron Paul: Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich”