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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Raises ,000,000 in Just 12 Hours

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With a theme song that sends 30-somethings into a nostalgic daydream, LeVar Burton wants to bring back Reading Rainbow as a web series – and he’s winning the Interwebz.

Brent Spiner’s cameo in the video alone is worth my money… This got a ton of coverage on NPR yesterday, which is probably a big factor in how quickly it got funded.

[Here’s the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign](

The Kickstarter hit its goal of raising million dollars within just 12 hours, using incentives that range from offers of Reading Rainbow mugs and calendars, to passes to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas in July, to a private dinner with Burton at which you could wear the “one-and-only original visor” he wore when he played Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would reach our goal on the very first day,” Burton told Deadline. “People are getting involved — it’s been pretty overwhelming. ”

On the Kickstarter page, Burton wrote the million will get the web series launched and into 1,500 classrooms, “but once we get there, we’ve got some big ideas for stretch goals!” Reading Rainbow aired more than two decades on PBS.

“Of course, when Reading Rainbow began in 1983, we were using television to bring books to kids, meeting them where they wanted to be,” Burton wrote on the Kickstarter page. “In 2014, TV is not that place anymore. Now, we’re trying to reach a new generation of digital natives…That’s why, two years ago, I launched the Reading Rainbow App for tablets. Building on the basics of the television series, we put hundreds of quality books – and educational video field trips – right in a child’s hands. But…not all families have access to tablets. Our goal is to cultivate a love of reading in all children, not just those that have tablets. To reach kids everywhere, we need to be everywhere: we need to be on the web.”

In his pitch for donations, Burton vows the resuscitated Reading Rainbow will be provided to “disadvantaged” classrooms for free, “along with the tools that teachers need, including teacher guides, leveling, and dashboards.”

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“Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Raises ,000,000 in Just 12 Hours”