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Pope Francis: ‘Many Powerful People Don’t Want Peace Because They Live Off War’

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Pope Francis, Pope of Popes, is once again making the news. This time for some incredibly powerful quotes about those who may have an agenda against peace:

Pope Francis said Monday that “many powerful people don’t want peace because they live off war”. The Argentine pontiff made the hard-hitting comment in response to a question from one of the 7,000 children taking part in an audience held with the Peace Factory organisation. “This is serious,” Francis told the children.

“Some powerful people make their living with the production of arms.

“It’s the industry of death”.

More on the Peace Factory:

The focus of the special audience was peace: how to build it, and how to keep it. Sponsored by the Fabbrica della pace – or, “Peace Factory” – an interdisciplinary, non-governmental organization that promotes an integration, multiethnic and cross-cultural understanding through education, starting in the years of primary school.
He ended his session with the children on a positive note:

“Whenever we do something together,” said Pope Francis, “something good, something beautiful, everyone changes – all of us change in some way – and this does us good,” he said. “All of us today should leave this encounter changed in some small way: but for the worse, or for the better?” he asked.

“For the better! For the better!” they cried, and Pope Francis agreed. He thanked them and blessed them, and sent them on their way.

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“Pope Francis: ‘Many Powerful People Don’t Want Peace Because They Live Off War’”