Pope Francis is More Scientifically Literate Than the US Senate.

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Pope Francis should lead the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Instead, of the idiots who currently run the program.

Why? Because the Pope believes that science, rational thought, and data all play powerful and positive roles in human life.

Rational thought is not a key indicator from our current legislative branch.

> In an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope had this to say, “When we read the account of Creation in Genesis, we risk imagining that God was a magician, complete with an all-powerful magic wand. But that was not so. … Evolution in nature does not conflict with the notion of Creation,’’

Apparently this is a huge leap away from the norm,

>I am happy to express my profound esteem and my warm encouragement to carry forward scientific progress,’’ the Pope said. It would be nice if we could elect political leaders capable of that kind of thought. But, in this country, that might take a miracle.

>To be fair, a lot of evangelicals really dislike Catholics. I grew up in a crazy pentecostal church and they made it a point to deride Catholicism whenever possible – even labeling it as a cult rather than a sect of Christianity.[coheedcollapse](


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“Pope Francis is More Scientifically Literate Than the US Senate.”