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Poor sleep linked to cancer in new study

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Irregular sleeping patterns have been “unequivocally” shown to lead to cancer in tests on mice, a study suggests.
The report, in Current Biology, lends weight to concerns about the damaging impact of shift work on health. The researchers said women with a family risk of breast cancer should never work shifts, but cautioned that further tests in people were needed. The data also indicated the animals were 20% heavier despite eating the same amount of food.

Studies in people have often suggested a higher risk of diseases such as breast cancer in shift workers and flight attendants. One argument is that disrupting the body’s internal rhythm – or body clock – increases the risk of disease. However, the link is uncertain because the type of person who works shifts may also be more likely to develop cancer due to factors such as social class, activity levels or the amount of vitamin D they get.

Mice prone to developing breast cancer had their body clock delayed by 12 hours every week for a year. Normally they had tumors after 50 weeks – but with regular disruption to their sleeping patterns, the tumors appeared eight weeks earlier. The report said: “This is the first study that unequivocally shows a link between chronic light-dark inversions and breast cancer development.” Interpreting the consequences for humans is admittedly difficult, but the researchers guesstimated that the equivalent effect could be an extra 22 pounds of body weight or, for at-risk women, getting cancer about five years earlier.

“If you had a situation where a family is at risk for breast cancer, I would certainly advise those people not to work as a flight attendant or to do shift work,” one of the researchers, Gijsbetus van der Horst, from the Erasmus University Medical Centre, in the Netherlands, said. Dr Michael Hastings, from the UK’s Medical Research Council, told the BBC: “I consider this study to give the definitive experimental proof, in mouse models, that circadian [body clock] disruption can accelerate the development of breast cancer. The general public health message coming out of my area of work is shift work, particularly rotational shift work is a stress and therefore it has consequences. There are things people should be looking out for – pay more attention to your body weight, pay more attention to inspecting breasts, and employers should offer more in-work health checks. If we’re going to do it, then let’s keep an eye on people and inform them.”

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  • Bruce Brown

    So the key is to make sure your mice get a good nights sleep. Silly study and a waste of time and life.

    • Schouten

      Yeah, super relevant comment!

  • peter

    The fact of the matter is that people have an enormous amount of stress in their lives due to the lifestyles we are forced to live to as early as infants for some but exponentially increasing as one goes on.

    America,most countries are rife with the challenge of survival,parenting,growing up in a world that has exponentially become a pressure cooker for most with mass media,technology,failing economies,lack of security in life,on jobs,of a never ending escalation of pressure as one takes the journey through life.

    The evisceration of family,divorce,religion,tradition,a devolving economy,a total lack of security,little time off to enjoy much of anything,parenting,the battle to survive never mind thrive is something we all have to live with every day and then comes the “golden” years which have morphed into lead!

    No more paid vacations,no more quality jobs generated by an economy that no longer creates the opportunities,the jobs it did only a few decades ago.No more pensions,a health care system that used to be somewhat personal now “sheep” hearded into waiting rooms,stalls for hours to see a doctor they mostly do not know and have no choice that was promised by the Obama Care “fraud”

    No more middle class,terrorism,barbarianism,totally corrupt politics,politicians,government sworn to serve the people but “only serving themselves.

    Do you know anyone who doesn’t take some kind of pill for stress,for anxiety,for depression,for sleep,to diet,to go to the bathroom,to breathe,to cope with what is required to survive,prosper?

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“Poor sleep linked to cancer in new study”