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Poop Powered Jets? United Airlines will use Animal Poop to Power its Jets

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United Airlines is going alternative. This summer they will start using bio fuel formed from animal poop and fats.

This bold initiative makes United the first domestic airline to use alternative jet fuel to power a passenger flight.

The initial fuel mixture to be used is 30% to 70% – 30% biofeul and 70% normal fuel. The inaugural flight will be a short jump between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

United is not just using biofuel they have decided to adapt part of their business by entering the alternative energy industry. United invested 0 million in Fulcrum BioEnergy, one of the leading producers of alternative fuels.

“We know alternative fuels is an emerging industry that is vital to the future of aviation and this is just one of our initiatives to help make these fuels saleable and scalable,” Brett Hart, United Airlines’ executive vice president and general counsel, said in a statement. “Investing in alternative fuels is not only good for the environment, it’s a smart move for our company as biofuels have the potential to hedge against future oil price volatility and carbon regulations.”

United Airlines’ recent announcements are a step in the right direction towards compliance of the Environmental Protection Agency’s recent proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. airplanes.

“The New York Times reports that Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and British Airways have all announced plans to move towards biofuels in the near future.”


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“Poop Powered Jets? United Airlines will use Animal Poop to Power its Jets”