People’s noise demonstration and banner march disrupts negotiations in SLC

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Protestors with “The TPP Welcoming Committee” attempted to interfere with the second day of negotiations around the Trans-Pacific Partnership this morning. Several dozen protestors converged on multiple entrances of the Grand American Hotel banging on pots and pans and blowing into noisemakers.

“The negotiators in this building need to stop listening to corporate advisors and start listening to their own citizens,” said Melanie Martin, an Organizer with Peaceful Uprising. “Until they show us what they’re hiding and release the text of this agreement we’re going to drown out those corporate voices.”

Protestors carried a 20 foot banner reading “Stop the TPP Corporate Coup Against People And Planet” to the front doors of the hotel, but were turned away by heavy police presence. In September protestors hung that same banner off the D.C. offices of the U.S. Trade Representative in a high-profile stunt.

Alongside environmental, labor, and consumer rights concerns, opponents of the deal in Salt Lake are particularly worried about the intellectual property clauses in the agreement released by WikiLeaks last week.

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“People’s noise demonstration and banner march disrupts negotiations in SLC”