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Pentagon Hacked, Credit Card Data Stolen Via Food Court Terminal

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Hackers have stolen dat from the Pentagon by entering through the Food Court. It is suspected to be an attack originating from Russia.

In August, it was reported how Pentagon had its unclassified emailing server hacked allegedly by Russian hackers with a sophisticated phishing attack.

“Now, reportedly the computer systems of Pentagon’s food court were infiltrated by hackers and resultantly the bank details of an unspecified number of employees got leaked.” said


“The official spokesman of Defense Department, Lt. Col. Tom Crosson, revealed on Tuesday that it was possible that the bank account information of the food court employees got leaked. Employees who paid concessions at the Pentagon with either debit or credit card were notified about the hack.” said

Washington Examiner reports that the notification to the employees from the Pentagon read:

“Within the past week, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency has received numerous reports of fraudulent use of credit cards belonging to Pentagon personnel. These individuals had fraudulent charges to their account soon after they had legitimate transactions at the Pentagon.”

“Crosson did not explain exactly how many people got affected due to the hack and only informed that the Pentagon Force protection Agency is already investigating the matter. The particular food court that was attacked by hackers also hasn’t been identified yet.

In August 2015, the United States military officials blamed Russian hackers for snooping the Pentagon’s unclassified emailing server that was being used by the Joint Chief personnel.

The cyber-attack affected the emailing accounts of about 4,000 military officials, confirmed by a U.S. official familiar with the hacking attempt.” said

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“Pentagon Hacked, Credit Card Data Stolen Via Food Court Terminal”