Open-Source Self-Replicating FoldaRap 3D Printer Prints Objects On the Go

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The FoldaRap open-source 3D printer can be folded to fit into your rucksack and prints objects on the go. French designer Emmanuel Gilloz developed the 140x140x140mm device over the course of seven months and has now, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, created new prototypes and beta-testers.

FoldaRap is a foldable version of the famous RepRap-3D printer that can self-replicate by making a kit of itself – a kit that anyone can assemble given time and materials. Not only does this feature allow users to build the devices themselves and have it reproduce, they can now travel with their portable FoldaRap 3D printer and laptop and use the 3D printing technology anywhere.

The printer has robust aluminium extrusions and its electronics are safely enclosed in the base. The maximum build envelope is 140x140x140mm, which can be easily transported, carried on a bike or shipped in a suitcase. It works with open-source software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and uses common standards formats of the industry (STL, AMF, OBJ). Gilloz spent around 28 for the entire device, including the bulk material.

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“Open-Source Self-Replicating FoldaRap 3D Printer Prints Objects On the Go”