NYC’s 2 Million Flood-Resistant Pier 42 Project Moves Forward

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Responding to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the city’s ongoing dedication to resilient design, all aspects of the project are designed to be flood-resistant and environmentally restorative,” reads the press release sent by Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects. “The design goal is to provide protection from future floods to institutions, critical utilities, and housing along one of the city’s densest and most vulnerable corridors.”

Other environmentally-friendly features of the plan include providing safe passage for bikers riding along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, waterfront marshes, an educational estuarine park, the creation of a protected oyster habitat, and a bioswale stormwater capture system that will cleanse and discharge rainwater into the East River, “eventually restoring the ecosystem between the Brooklyn Bridge and East 38th Street, ensuring the return of native waterfowl and marine life.”

The plan also includes removal of a large shed with the exception of two structural bays that will be transformed into an open air pavilion with lawns, a playground, riverfront green space and a potential docking station for kayaks and small boats.

Phase 1 is expected to be completed by 2016.

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“NYC’s 2 Million Flood-Resistant Pier 42 Project Moves Forward”