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NSA Releases Snowden Email After Denying Its Existence

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The NSA announced that it has located a lone email inquiry sent by Mr. Snowden in April 2013 to the Office of General Counsel, confirming in part allegations the former contractor made during an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams.

But Snowden is stating that all of the emails are not being presented and thus this is a “mis direct” being put on by the NSA.

“I actually did go through channels, and that is documented,” Snowden told Williams when the two sat down in Moscow for an interview recently. “The NSA has records, they have copies of emails right now to their Office of General Counsel, to their oversight and compliance folks, from me raising concerns about the NSA’s interpretations of its legal authorities.”

“I would say one of my final official acts in government was continuing one of these communications with a legal office. And in fact, I’m so sure that these communications exist that I’ve called on Congress to write a letter to the NSA to verify that they do,” Snowden said.

The NSA has, until now, denied the existence of any such correspondence.

Why the change? Is it smoke and mirrors as Snowden suggest?


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“NSA Releases Snowden Email After Denying Its Existence”