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Non-Profit Organization Brings Free Solar Energy To The People Of Gaza

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A non-profit humanitarian organization called Solar Gaza is working to bring solar energy to the people of Gaza. Gaza engineer, Naji Abu Shaaban, started the group along with a team of other engineers who wanted to use their skills to help the needy people of the region.

Lack of electricity is a major concern in Gaza, and has many powerful implications for many different walks of life. For example, people are forced to use dangerous and unhealthy kerosene heaters in their homes, and sometimes places like hospitals are even left without electricity.

Some people have reported seeing doctors treating patients in hospitals with the flashlights on their cell phones.

Shaaban has even discussed using these solar panels to power street lights, which could make the streets safer at night.

The group has the following message posted to the donation section of their website, giving some background into their project:

“In a situation where you do not have electricity most of the day , nobody to help you with water, light ,food or even the most basic sanitary services, your trouble grows bigger day by day. Most charities today are actively trying to help the people in Gaza with food, clothes and shelter.*

*No wonder many people are a bit annoyed or surprised when you talk about Solar power units for Gaza because they do not think of solar energy as help for the people in need. It is called the green revolution when you try to use wind, water and sun as sources for your electricity supply. Solargazalights campaigners try to convince people who want to help Gaza that giving solar power units is giving electricity independence to Gaza. Solargazalights campaigners want lights on in homes , want to create jobs in the solar installation industry and want the green revolution to happen in Gaza because solar energy can give electricity to all. Some families are without electricity for 48 hours at a stretch in Gaza . One solar power unit worth 1500 $ could supply a family home with solar electricity for fridges, heaters, lamps, water pumps or any electric appliances you might want to use.*

*The best thing about solar powered energy units is that they are not polluting the environment like petrol is and the sun is shining for everybody for free. Electricity independence with solar power in Gaza would transform the darkened and terrorized enclave into a place bustling with activities. Shops would be able to store and freeze goods again, offices would be able to function as usual again and people who work in hospitals schools or shelters would be able to use all the electric equipment they need again. The homes where computers, sewing machines, printers , televisions and hair driers would be used again would come alive after a long darkness. Even street lamps could be blazing their lights into the dark night. Solargaza campaigners ask donors to give solar power units for Gaza.*

*Your money is worth more than coins , your money is worth a solar power unit which gives electricity independence to Gaza and keeps the environment clean.”*

In addition to installing solar panels in the area, Solar Gaza also plans to hire people from the local community and provide employment opportunities for the local economy.

Learn more here http://www.solargazalights.org/why-solar-power.html

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“Non-Profit Organization Brings Free Solar Energy To The People Of Gaza”