New School In Vietnam Has Massive Garden On Its Roof And Teaches Sustainability

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The school also offers special classes on gardening and sustainability in which the students are able to use the gardens available on the property.

“Architectural and mechanical energy-saving methods are comprehensively applied including: Green roof, PC-concrete louver for shading, using recycle materials, water recycling, solar water heating and more. These devices are designed visibly in order for children to realize the important role of sustainable education,” Vo Trong Nghia told Dezeen.

The school currently has 500 students whose parents work at a nearby shoe factory.

“Vietnam, historically an agricultural country, is facing changes as it moves to a manufacturing-based economy, taking its toll on the environment. Rapid urbanisation deprives Vietnamese children of green lands and playgrounds, thus relationship with nature. Farming Kindergarten is a challenge to counter these issues,” Vo Trong Nghia said.

The school is located in Dong Nai, near Ho Chi Min City and is 3800 square meters in total size

“As the roof lowers to the courtyard it provides access to the upper level and vegetable gardens on top – the place where children learn the importance of agriculture and recover connection to nature,” said Vo Trong Nghia.

The school is also equpped with solar panels and other sustainable solutions that put the school’s philosophy into action.

Learn more here http://www.dezeen.com/2014/11/11/farming-kindergarten-vo-trong-nghia-architects-vietnam-vegetable-garden/

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“New School In Vietnam Has Massive Garden On Its Roof And Teaches Sustainability”