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Net Neutrality Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s nightmare come to life

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In a rare public comment by Google on net neutrality, the Internet giant this week said it sees a silver lining in the potential to be regulated like a telecom company.

“Help us Google Fiber, you’re our only hope.” ~ [Syrnl](

Comcast has made an enemy of Google by trying to enforce data caps, which means restricted high definition streaming – the opposite of what Google wants. Google wants fast Internet for YouTube, but Comcast would rather slow and cap bandwidth so it can avoid competing with the likes of Netflix, iTunes and Youtube and continue to profit from its antiquated monopolistic business model.

###Meanwhile Google is getting in the ring with Google Fiber

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed treating broadband Internet providers like Google Fiber as telecommunications services under Title II, which President Barack Obama supported in November to complaints from the telecom and cable industries.

Title II would expose Google Fiber to new regulations usually targeted at communications utilities and monopolies. Rates and service quality would be regulated by the government and Google Fiber may have to ask permission to stop providing some services, according to Tom Cohen, a communications lawyer at Kelley Drye & Warren.

But in a letter Tuesday to the FCC, Google’s director of communications law Austin Schlick highlighted a potential positive for the company if Title II kicks in. As a regulated telecom service, Google Fiber would get access to utility poles and other essential infrastructure owned by utilities. The FCC should make sure this happens because it would promote competition and spur more investment and deployment of broadband internet service, Schlick argued.

“Pole access is fundamental and Google will never be able to make the case for Google Fiber without pole access,” former FCC chairman Reed Hundt tells the Wall Strett Journal. “If Title II gives Google pole access, then it might really rock the world with broadband access.”

Yahoo News:
>So to recap: Title II reclassification would not only slap ISPs with regulations they don’t want to deal with but it would also open the door for Google Fiber in more markets. If that’s not Comcast’s worst nightmare, I don’t know what is.

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“Net Neutrality Google Fiber’s latest FCC filing is Comcast’s nightmare come to life”